Ficus auriculata Lour.

Synonym : Covellia macrophylla Miq.
Ficus oligodon Miq.
Ficus regia Miq.
Ficus roxburghii Steud.
Bangla Name : Kani-bot,Baradumur,Sapai....Baro jhonga gaas(Chakma),Soh-la-kechiath(khasia)
English Name : Eve’s apron,Australian Fig
Family : Moraceae
Disease : -
Description : A large shrub or small, evergreen tree, tall, with wide spreading crown. Trunk short, stout, bark warty, pale-grey or, young twigs pubescent, hollow. Leaves with long petiole; lamina broadly ovate to rotundate-ovate, long, stipules ovate-lanceolate, long, softly hairy., Male flowers: sessile, ostiolar, in several whorls; large, inflated, imbricate; stamens 2 (-3), filaments much longer than anothers. Gall flowers in lower part of male hypanthodium,. Female flowers: subsessile to pedicellate; sepals united, 2-3-lobed; ovary with subterminal long hairy style, stigma dilated-cylindric. Figs depressed globose broadly turbinate, russet or purple-brown and speckled, ribbed, silky hairy.
Distribution : -
Chemical Constituents : -
Uses : -
Habit : Shrub