Corylus avellana L.

Synonym : Corylus albaAiton ex Steud.
Corylus filicifoliaA.DC.
Corylus grandisAiton
Corylus pumilaLodd. ex Loudon
Bangla Name : -
English Name : -
Family : Betulaceae
Disease : Sexual weakness
Description : Shrubs , broadly spreading. Bark coppery brown, smooth, sometimes exfoliating in thin papery strips. Branches ascending; twigs pubescent, covered with bristly glandular hairs. Winter buds containing inflorescences ovoid, apex obtuse. Leaves: petiole pubescent, covered with bristly glandular hairs. Leaf blade broadly ovate to broadly elliptic, often nearly angled to lobulate near apex, base narrowly cordate to narrowly rounded, margins coarsely and doubly serrate, apex abruptly acuminate. Inflorescences: staminate catkins lateral along branchlets on relatively long short shoots, usually in clusters .Nuts in clusters of 2--4; bracts much enlarged, distinct nearly to base, expanded, shorter than to only slightly longer than nuts, apex deeply lobed; bract surfaces pubescent.
Distribution : -
Chemical Constituents : -
Uses : Sexual weakness
Habit : Shrub