Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd

Synonym : Bougainvillea bracteata Pers.
Bougainvillea brasiliensis Raeusch.
Bougainvillea speciosa Schnizl.
Bougainvillea virescens Choisy
Bangla Name : Shukhbilas, Kajolphul gach(Chakma),Chakun-pay-aphru(Rakhain)
English Name : Paper flower,Bougainvillea
Family : Nyctaginaceae
Disease : Stomach disorder
Description : Woody shrub, erect or clambering, attainig 5 m in length. Branches pilose, with straight, axillary, pilose spines. Leaves alternate, ovate, the apex acute, obtuse, or acuminate, the base obtuse, rounded, or attenuate, slightly asymmetrical, the margins sinuate; lower surface tomentulose, with prominent pilose venation; petioles slender, pilose. Dichasial cymes compound, on axillary branches or at the end of axillary spines, the axes pilose; bracts ovate, pubescent, pilose along the midvein, cordiform at the base, red or deep pink. Perianth tubularhypocrateriform,pilose.
Distribution : -
Chemical Constituents : -
Uses : Stomach disorder
Habit : Shrub