Atropa belladonna L.

Synonym : Atropa cordata Pascher
Atropa lethali Salisb.
Belladonna baccifera Lam.
Belladonna trichotoma Scop
Bangla Name :
English Name :
Family : Solanaceae
Disease : Urinary problems, tonic.
Description : It is a large herbaceous perennial that grows to 1-1.5 m tall, rarely 2 m tall, with an erect posture. it has a stem that ranges from purplish to green in colour and is covered in short, fine hairs. its roots are thick, white in colour, fleshy, and 15 cm or more in length. it has broad leaves, oval in shape, 6-20 cm long, which are alternate or in uneven opposite pairs (one leaf much larger than the other). the often asymmetrical leaves have a smooth texture and are green in colour. the plants typically start branching at about 20-30 cm from the ground. the flowers are bell-shaped and purple with conspicuous yellow anthers. they are 2-3 cm long and grow in solitude, drooping from the axils of the leaves. the flowers usually appear between june and september, after which they produce dark, shiny black or purple berries containing sweet, dark, ink-like juices. the berries are 1.5-2 cm in diameter.
Distribution : It is an imported plant.
Chemical Constituents : Leaf and root contain total alkaloids from 0.3 % to 1 %. About three-fourth of these is present in the form of 1-hyos- cyamine, the remainder being hyoscine (Scopolamine) and atropine. Tropain alkaloids (0.2 -0.5 %), Scopolamine, Apoatropine, Belladonine.
Uses : This plant is used in Urinary problems, tonic.
Habit : Herb