Commiphora mukul (HOOK. EX STOCKS) ENGL.

Synonym : Balsamea mukul Baill.
Balsamodendrum mukul Hook.ex Stocks
Balsamodendrum roxburghii Stocks
Bangla Name :
English Name :
Family : Burseraceae
Disease : Anthelmintic, piles, skin diseases.
Description : Shrubs up to 4 m tall; branches aromatic, thorny and knotty with papery bark. Leaves sessile, alternate or fascicled; leaflets glabrous, the terminal sessile or subsessile, obovate, serrate (sometimes serrate only towards the apex. Plants dimorphic, one having bisexual and male flowers, and the other having female flowers with staminodes. Bisexual and male flowers sessile, usually red, sometimes pinkish white. Calyx fused basally with the disc. Petals reflexed, acute. Stamens 8, very rarely 10, free, alternately short and long, included, sometimes equalling the petals; shorter stamens inserted alternately in deeper sinuses. Ovary 2-loculed with sessile 2-lobed stigma. Fruit red when ripe, marked with 2 white longitudinal lines (or grooves), mucronate; mesocarp yellow, rarely orange, 4 lined and fused at the base; epicarp dehiscing from the base upwards on maturation. In female flowersstaminodes 8, alternately short and long; ovary and fruit the same as in bisexual flowers.
Distribution :
Chemical Constituents : Terpenoid and sterol fraction hypolipidaemic activity; Crude gum and its petroleaum ether extract caused decrease serum cholesterol level and lowered triglycerides. Monocyclic diterpines-a-camhorene and cembrene in resin.Allylcembrol in plant. Commercial
Uses : This plant is used in Anthelmintic, piles, skin diseases.
Habit : Shrub