Derris ROBUSTA Benth.

Synonym : Brachypterum platyphyllum Miq
Dalbergia robusta DC.
Deguelia robusta (Roxb.) Taub.
Derris polyphylla (Miq.) Benth.
Pterocarpus robusta (Roxb. ex DC.) Kuntze
Bangla Name : Jumurja (Chittagong), Miringa (Sylhet). ,Dumurjja (Chakma), Gumbong (Mogh), Bol-kakharu, Bol-tara (Garo), Gung ba (Marma).
English Name : -
Family : Fabeceae
Disease : Pain and sore throat.
Description : A medium-sized deciduous tree with tall cylindrical bole and spreading crown. Leaves pinnately compound, 7-20 cm long, leaflets 6-10 pairs, elliptic-oblong, mucronate. Flowers white in slender, axillary, pubescent racemes. Fruit a pod, up to 7 cm long, linear, narrowed at both ends.
Distribution : Forests of Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Cox’s Bazar, Sylhet, usually on dry hill slopes.
Chemical Constituents : Seed shell contains chalcone rubone, isoflavone derrugenin, rubustigenin, its 5-Me ether, derrusnin, methyl ethers of robustone and robustin, alpinum, isoflavone di-Me-ether, ?-sitosterol & its glucosides, 5-OH-7-OMe-isoflavone, derrone, its Me-ether. Roo
Uses : Broken or wounded limbs are treated with slightly warmed leaves of these plants to reduce pain and aid healing.Root juice mixed with the juice of Sida acuta is used for sore throat by the Marma. Alcoholic extract of seeds showed significant in vitro act
Habit : Tree