Diospyros MONTANA Roxb. Var. CORDIFOLIA (Roxb.) Heirn.

Synonym : Diospyros bracteata Roxb.
Diospyros cordifolia Roxb.
Diospyros microcarpa Span.
Diospyros punctata Decne.
Bangla Name : Bangab, Tomal, Mohesh kanda.
English Name : Mottled Ebony.
Family : Ebenaceae
Disease : Boils, pain, fever, dysuria, gravel, neuralgia, pleurisy, pneumonia, menorrhagia, flooding and diarrhea.
Description : A medium tree, rarely spinescent. Leaves alternate, 3.8-14 cm long, ovate-oblong or elliptic, acute or subacuminate, base usually rounded, softly pubescent. Male flowers 1 cm long, in 3-several-flowered cymes, female flowers 1.3 cm long, solitary, noding. Fruit globose, up to 2.5 cm across, reddis-brown when ripe.
Distribution : Planted in the Hindu temples and shrines throughout the country.
Chemical Constituents : Leaves contain betulin, diospyrin, epiuvaol and a new triterpene characterized as urs-12-en-3?, 28-diol, along with lupeol, sitosterol,?-sitosterol, stigmasterol and betulic acid. Bark and wood contains 7-methyljuglone, mamegakinone, bitramentacenone, iso
Uses : Fruits are poisonous, applied to boils appear on hands with much pain. Crushed leaves are used as fish poison. Besides various parts of the plant is used in fever, dysuria, gravel, neuralgia, pleurisy, pneumonia, menorrhagia and flooding, puerperal fever,
Habit : Tree