Mirabilis JALAPA L.

Synonym : -
Bangla Name : Shandhamaloti, Krishnakali.
English Name : Four O’clock Plant, Marvel of Peru.
Family : Nyctaginaceae
Disease : Aphrodisiac , purgative, maturant, lessen inflammations , boils, phlegmons ,whitlow. and urticaria.
Description : A perennial herb with a large tuberous root, 30-75 cm high. Leaves ovate, cordate. Flowers usually purple but very numerous colours are found, born solitary in the leaf axils. Seeds, ovoid, tubercled, black.
Distribution : Cultivated as an ornamental plant throughout the country.
Chemical Constituents : Root tubers contain starch, an alkaloid, trigonelline and a ribosome inactivating protein, called Mirabilis antiviral protein, which also possesses abortifacient activity. Seeds contain antimicrobial proteins (Ghani, 2003). Four new miraxanthins (I, II, I
Uses : Roots are aphrodisiac and purgative. Leaves are maturant, lessen inflammations and are applied to boils, phlegmons and whitlow. Fresh leaf juice is very soothing and useful in urticaria.
Habit : Herb