Molineria CAPITULATA (Loureiro) Herbert.

Synonym : Curculigo capitulata (Loureiro) Kuntze
Curculigo recurvata Dryander.
Bangla Name : Satipata,Wailfa, Wa leng, La Oay Raway (Marma).
English Name : -
Family : Hypoxidaceae
Disease : Hemorrhage and liquor.
Description : Perennial herb with stout rhizomes. Leaves in basal rosettes, large, lanceolate, pleated, blade 90 x 19 cm, narrowed below into petiole, up to 65 cm long, tomentose in lower part. Scape up to 23 cm, occasionally very short (under 5 cm), densely brownish tomentose, inflorescence a condensed ovoid, deflexed, capitate raceme, up to 6 x 4 cm, flowers about 1.5 cm diam., perianth lobes yellow inside, oblong-ovate. Berry ovoid-globose, about 9 mm, hairy
Distribution : Forests of Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Cox’s Bazar, Tangail and Sylhet.
Chemical Constituents : -
Uses : Rhizome paste with the twigs of Mucuna monosperma and tobacco ash is applied over cuts to check hemorrhage, roots and leaves are used in country liquor.
Habit : Herb