Oryza SATIVA L. .

Synonym : Oryza aristata Blanco
Oryza glutinosa Lour.
Oryza formosana Masam.& Suzuki
Bangla Name : Dhan.
English Name : Rice.
Family : Poaceae
Disease : Tonic, fattening , diuretic,peptic, carminative ,diarrohea and dysentery.
Description : An annual crop, 60 cm to 120 cm tall. Leaf blade linear, 30-70 cm long, 6-20 mm wide, flat, striate, scaberulous, ligule pointed, often prominently exerted. Panicle partially included in upper leaf sheath or more usually exerted, erect in flower, nodding in fruit.
Distribution : Cultivated all over the country.
Chemical Constituents : The husked rice contains carbohydrates (78.1%), some protein, minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, sulphur and chlorine) and fat. It also contains vitamins- thiamine and nicotinic acid and a number of trace elements including zinc, alumi
Uses : The grain is oleagenous, tonic, fattening and diuretic. Rice is used variously in sick diet. Boiled rice, when hot is used as a poultice. Malted rice is used as a peptic, carminative and tonic. In Europe, the grain has long been considered to exercise pec
Habit : Herb