Synonym : Solanum esculentum Dunal
Solanum insanum L.
Bangla Name : Begun, Baigoon, Baion (Chittagong). ,Jhum-baigun (Tanchangya), Kajah seh (Marma). English name: Egg plant, Brinjal.
English Name : -
Family : Solanaceae
Disease : Laxative, analgesic, maturant, cardiotonic, aphrodisiac,appetite, inflammation, stimulant, fever.
Description : A stout herb, armed or unarmed, young parts closely tomentose. Leaves large, elliptic, 10-18 cm long, subentire, sinuate or shallowly lobed. Flowers solitary or several in a cyme with lowest only fertile, about 2.5 cm diam. Fruit a berry, green, white, yellow or dark purple, varies greatly in size and shape, 3-30 cm long, oval, ovate, oblong or linear.
Distribution : Cultivated widely throughout Bangladesh.
Chemical Constituents : Leaves contain 4-ethylactechol, trans-caffeic, hydrocafeic, protocatechuic and chlorogenic acids. ?-Hydroxyglutamic acid, lanost-8-en-3?-ol, lanosterol, 24-methylene lanost-8-en-3?-ol, cycloartanol, cycloartenol, 24-methulenecycloartanol, lupeol, ?-amyrin
Uses : The unripe fruit is laxative, analgesic, maturant, cardiotonic and aphrodisiac, improves appetite and lessens inflammation. The seeds are used as a stimulant. Flower juice is used for fever in Chittagong Hill Tracts.
Habit : Herb