Solanum americanum Mill.

Synonym : Solanum nigrum L.
Solanum adventitium Polgar
Solanum caribaeum Dunal
Solanum parviflorum BadarĂ²
Solanum purpuratum Bitter
Bangla Name : Tit Begun, Phuti Begun, Gurki, Gurkamai, Kakmachi. English name: Black Night Shade, Common Night shade.
English Name : -
Family : Solanaceae
Disease : Alterative, sedative, diaphoretic, diuretic, hydragogue, chronic enlargement, piles, dysentery, skin diseases , remedy,tonic,diuretic, aphrodisiac, anasarca, heart diseases, hiccup, asthma, fever, diarrhea, bronchitis, ringworm, giddiness, gonorrhoea, thi
Description : An annual herb, stem much divaricately branched. Leaves 2.5-9 cm long, ovate-lanceolate, subacute or acuminate, entire or sinuate-toothed. Flowers small, white, in extra-axillary, subumbellate, 3-8 flowered cymes. Berry 6 mm diam., globose, purplish black when ripe.
Distribution : All over Bangladsh in fallow lands.
Chemical Constituents : Leaf is a rich source of riboflavin. It also contains nicotininic acid and vitamin C, ?-carotene, citric acid, protein, fat, steroidal glycol-alkaloids, solasonine and solamargine. Fruits contain saponins and the steroidal glycol-alkaloids, solanine, sola
Uses : Plant is alterative, sedative, diaphoretic, diuretic and hydragogue, given in chronic enlargement of the liver, piles and dysentery. Plant is also beneficial against skin diseases and remedy for anthrax pustules. Fruits are tonic, diuretic and aphrodisiac
Habit : Herb