Synonym : Solanum sisymbriifolium f. lilacinum Kuntze
Bangla Name : Kanta Begun, Kantikari.
English Name : -
Family : Solanceae
Disease : Diuretic,expectorant,cough,asthma,pain,fever,sore throat,rheumatism,carminativel ,gonorrhea,cardioactive and antipyretic acivities.
Description : A viscoid and very prickly, erect herb or undershrub, up to 1.2 m tall with spreading branches, prickles straight, yellowish, 0.7 cm or more long. Leaves 10-12 cm long, sinuately lobed or deeply pinnatifid, pinnae lobed. Racemes terminal or extra-exillary, up to 30 cm long. Flowers up to 2 cm across. Calyx prickly, Corolla up to 2 cm long, white or bluish white. Berry 1-2 cm across, globose, scarlet, covered by enlarged and reflexed calyx lobes.
Distribution : All over Bangladesh in fallow lands.
Chemical Constituents : Isonuatigenin and nuatigenin have been isolated from roots (Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1990).
Uses : Used for the same purpose as that of Solanum virginianum (no. 645).
Habit : Herb