Viola odorata L.

Synonym : Viola odorata f. odorata
Viola wiedemannii Boiss.
Bangla Name : Bonfasha phul
English Name :
Family : Violaceae
Disease : Headache, constipation.
Description : Herbs perennial, acaulescent, stoloniferous.Rhizome erect or oblique, brownish. Leaves basal; leaf blade orbicular or reniform to broadly ovate-cordate, smaller at anthesis, base deeply cordate, margin crenate, apex rounded or ± acute. Flowers deep purple, large, fragrant; pedicels long, slender. Sepals oblong or oblong-ovate. Petals crenate; spurs of 2 anterior stamens robust.Ovary puberulous; styles slender and straight at base, thickened upward and slightly compressed. Capsule globose. Fl. Apr-May, fr. Jun-Sep.
Distribution :
Chemical Constituents : Flowers contain an emetic principle violin which is acrid and bittter, a volatile oil, rutin, cyanin, a colourless chromogen, a glycoside of methyl salicylate and sugar. Leaves contain an essential oil, an alkaloid, colouring matter, friedelin, ?-sitoster
Uses : The plant is used in Headache, constipation.
Habit : Herb