Boerhavia diffusa L.

Synonym : Axiacochin chinensis Lour.
Boerhavia adscendens Willd.
Boerhavia caespitosa Ridl.
Boerhavia friesi
Bangla Name : Punarnava,Gandhapurna,Swetpurna,Proynoa(Marma),Perunoa(Murong),Krow-naa-row(Rakhain).
English Name : Spreedling hogweed,Pigweed.
Family : Nyctaginaceae
Disease : Diuretic, anasarca and dropsy
Description : Herbs perennial; stems glabrous or sparsely pubescent. Roots thick, fleshy; leaf blade ovate, both surfaces sparsely pubescent, abaxially gray-yellow, wrinkled when dry, base rounded or cuneate, margin undulate, with stout, muticellular hairs, apex obtuse or acute. Inflorescences terminal, capitate-cymose panicles; peduncle slender, sparsely pubescent. Pedicel short to almost absent. Bracts small, lanceolate, pubescent. Perianth limb bright purple or purple-red. Stamens 1-3(-5), slightly exserted or included. Anthocarp clavate, 5-ribbed, with viscid glands and sparse pubescence, apex rounded. Fl. and fr. spring-autumn.
Distribution : This species found throughout Bangladesh.
Chemical Constituents : Hentriacontane, ?-sitosterol, ursolic acid, punarnavine-1 & -2, myricyl alcohol, myristic acid, oxalic acid and alkaloids. Polysaccharide consisting of glucose, xylose, glucuronic acid, gaictose, L-arabinose and Lrhamnose; and a glycoprotein. An injection
Uses : The plant is used in Diuretic, in anasarca and dropsy.
Habit : Herb