Juglans regia L.

Synonym : Juglans duclouxiana Dode
Juglans fallax Dode
Juglans orientis Dode
Juglans sinensis (C.DC.) Dode
Bangla Name : Akrut
English Name :
Family : Juglandaceae
Disease : Insomnia, sexual weakness.
Description : The plant is Deciduous. Young shoots tomentose. Leaves impa¬ripinnate, softly tomentose, opposite to sub-opposite, ovate to elliptic-ovate, acute to acuminate, glab¬rescent to pubescent on nerves beneath; Male catkins , lateral; bracteoles ovate to obovate, pubescent; tepals 4, ovate; stamens 10-20, subsessile; anthers irregularly apiculate, basifixed, dehiscing longitudinally. Female flowers 1-3, terminal on short spikes; involucral tube of fused bract and bracteoles, tomentose, glandular, obscurely 4-toothed and irregular at the margin; tepals 4, linear,alternating with the teeth; margin sparsely pubescent; ovary ovoid, inferior; stigmas 2, recurved, plumose to fimbriate, exserted. Drupe ovoid to subglobose; epicarp green, glandular; endocarp 2-valved; seed 2 to 4-lobed at the base.
Distribution :
Chemical Constituents : Cysteine, tryptophan,thiamin, ribiflavin, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid,folic acid, vitamin B6, biotin, vitamin A, ascorbic acid are found in the leaves and fruits. Kernels yield 60-70% of a drying oil known as Walnut Oil.Fresh ‘eaves and unripe fruit
Uses : The plant is used in Insomnia, sexual weakness.
Habit : Tree